As a family-run company, we have been producing high-quality abrasives and polishing tools for 50 years, helping our customers to maximise their business performance in the field of surface technology.

Alongside our claim to complete work processes optimally and quickly, our main concern is a sustainable consulting approach.

With locations in Windeck, Buffalo, Sarreguemines and Indaiatuba as well as a global partner network, our approximately 200 employees support leading industrial companies and distributors in all matters related to efficient surface processing.

Accordingly, the focus is on listening to our customers, jointly developing the solutions that are currently needed and supporting every single person who uses a G-WENDT product in doing their job in the best possible way.

Meet us in person. Because it is only together that we can create the basis for a future-oriented partnership.

These five core values drive us

At G-WENDT we help our customers change the way they look at, and thus approach, surface processing.

The basis for every aspect of our entrepreneurial actions is based on five core values that are deeply rooted in our DNA.

1 | Communication on a level playing field – open and direct

We do not speculate about what could help our customers – we actively ask and listen carefully! This is the only way we can offer tailor-made solutions.

2 | Comprehensive consultation – even after the sale

We support our customers with technical expertise and work together to find a customised solution for every question. That is our understanding of a trusting partnership.

3 | The future begins today – product innovations since 1971

The status quo is not enough: our pioneering spirit has not died down even after half a century. For this reason, we attach great importance to patented solutions with which we create money-saving benefits for our customers.

4 | Building bridges

We firmly believe the good business is built on good relationships. This is the only way we can understand the specific needs of our partners. Accordingly, it is not about the relationship between manufacturer and customer, but between one person and another. That is what spurs us on to do our best every day.

5 | Creating added value

We believe that trust comes from value-added solutions. That’s why we measure our success by the results of our clients and innovation by the values they create. After all, our aim is not to be the biggest on the market, but the best for each and every customer.

Sense of responsibility for the environment and society

Our values also guide us when it comes to living up to our corporate responsibility. We are aware, especially as a family-managed company, that all actions have consequences. Not only for us and our employees in Germany, America, France or Brazil, but also for the environment and society as a whole.

That is why it is a matter of course for us to offer apprenticeships for young people every year – with the aim of taking them on after their apprenticeship.

Equally, we take sustainability and climate protection very seriously. For us, this includes above all a highly efficient energy and resource management which is constantly being optimised.

In addition, we are involved locally and promote sports and leisure activities for the people in our region.