Unmounted flap wheels from rough to finish grinding

Wide application spectrum, providing smooth finish while adapting to contours.

The Wendt range is available in the grain types ceramic and aluminium oxide as well as MDF core version for tapered spindles.

In the application they offer: 

  • High and fast stock removal 
  • Flexibility
  • Safe and comfortable work 
  • High durability and service life 

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Machining tasks & machinable materials

We always recommend the use of side mounting plates with these products for support and arbor sizing. These can be reused and are also available from our range.

Possible processing tasks:

  • Weld seam processing 
  • Surface and edge grinding 
  • Deburring 
  • Rust removal as well as the removal of paint, coatings or heat discolouration 

Materials that can be processed: 

  • Steel  
  • Stainless steel (INOX) 
  • Metal alloys 

Depending on the version, our flap wheels are designed for use with angle grinders or for bench grinders.