Flap bands for high stock removal

An interesting alternative to flap wheels or spiral bands. Aggressive stock removal and increased service life.

Our range covers flap bands made of ceramic, zirconia and aluminium oxide. These tools are used in a wide range of industries and are first choice when especially high stock removal rates are required.

These special tools enable: 

  • Especially powerful and efficient grinding 
  • Significantly more aggressive than traditional flap wheels 
  • Greater durability and longer service life than spiral bands 
  • Comfortable work thanks to minimum vibrations 
  • Quick processing of weld seams

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Possible processing tasks & Materials that can be processed

Possible processing tasks:

  • Aggressive surface grinding 
  • Fast deburring 
  • Chamfering of pipes (inside and outside) 
  • Blending seams 

Materials that can be processed: 

  • Steel  
  • Stainless steel (INOX) 
  • Metal alloys 

Our flap bands are optimised, depending on the version, for work with straight grinders or for bench grinders and must only be used with Wendt  expanding drums to ensure proper fit. Only these can guarantee a firm hold and maximum safety.