Felt Polishing Points

Used in combination with polishing paste, our felt points allow polishing within complicated shapes. The sturdy design made of high-compression felt and a steel shank also ensure a long service life and enhanced safety.


Suitable for: Straight Grinder


Dimensions (mm)MediumRPMPU
Ø ABØ Copt.max.
6103189 70316.00032.00010
8103189 72312.00024.00010
10146189 74310.00020.00010
15206189 7636.00012.00010
20256189 7835.00010.00010

The polishing points:

  • Are suitable for processing irregular and complicated shapes and surfaces
  • Reach places that are difficult to access
  • Are especially versatile thanks to different thicknesses and dimensions

Possible processing tasks:

Are suitable for mirror finish polishing in:

  • Curves, corners and edges, depressions and all other complicated shapes

Materials that can be processed:

  • Steel and stainless steel (INOX)
  • NF metals such as copper, aluminium and zinc

Our polishing points are optimised for use on variable speed straight grinders.