Wendt USA, LLC is a proud subsidiary of Günter Wendt GmbH better known as G-WENDT. G-WENDT is a privately owned premier manufacturer of coated and nonwoven abrasive tooling. Wendt USA, LLC is the US manufacturing arm. We are based in Buffalo New York. With four locations worldwide, G-WENDT specializes in providing grinding, finishing, and polishing solutions for today’s demanding applications.

The experienced and seasoned staff at Wendt USA is at your disposal. We ready and willing to guide you through any grinding, finishing, or polishing challenge. Our goal is to develop a solution that maximizes productivity while lowering operational costs.

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With locations in Windeck (Germany), Buffalo (USA), Sarreguemines (France) and Indaiatuba (Brazil) as well as a global partner network, our approximately 200 employees support leading industrial companies and distributors in all matters related to efficient surface processing.

Wendt USA’s philosophy of “been there finished that” is not just lip service. G-WENDT’s worldwide reach is comprised of multiple manufacturing and support facilities.

Our Values – These five core values drive us

At Wendt USA we help our customers change the way they look at grinding, finishing, and polishing. We analyze the current conditions, identify and understand the project goal, and develop a unique production process that maximizes results and minimizes waste and needless costs.

We base our entrepreneurial spirit and actions on five core values. These principles are deeply rooted in our DNA.

1 | Communication on a level playing field – open and direct 

Communicate in an open and direct manner to ensure all parties are on the same page. We do not speculate about what could help our customers. We actively ask questions then listen carefully! This is the only way tailor-made abrasives solutions can be made.

2 | Comprehensive consultation – even after the sale 

Follow-through before during and after the project is completed. We support our customers with technical expertise and work together to find a customized solution. That is how we learn and expand our product offering. It is also the way we build trust and longstanding partnerships.

3 | The future begins today – product innovations since 1971 

The future begins today. At Wendt we never stop the creative process. Product innovation has been in our pioneering spirit since 1971. A half a century later, we have no plans on stopping now. For this reason, we attach great importance to patented solutions with which we create money-saving benefits for our customers.

4 | Building bridges 

Building business opportunities can only be achieved once great business relationships are created. We understand the importance of strategic partnerships. This is the most effective way to move forward in an “internet economy” that promotes less and less direct interaction. It is not about the relationship between manufacturer and customer, but between one person and another. That is what spurs us on to do our best day in and day out.

5 | Creating added value

Creating added value also creates trust. We measure our success through the value-added solutions we can bring to our clients. After all, our aim is not to be the biggest in our market just the one you trust to be the best.

Sense of responsibility for the environment and society

Responsibilities do stop when the business day is done. We understand that we have a responsibility to be positive stewards of our respective environments and communities.

Our core values serve as a guide helping us to live up to our corporate, social, and environmental responsibilities. As a family-managed company, we are keenly aware that our actions have consequences. To see all sides of our various business decisions, we utilize our culturally diverse management team. This collaboration ensures that ideas and our corporate vision is in line with our moral and ethical responsibility to our employees, customers, and neighbors.