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This section provides you with an overview of our entire product range. In nine sections, you will find, for example, cleaning tools, cutting, roughing or flap discs, flap sanders as well as felt polishing tools.

In addition, we offer numerous other solutions for the most diverse surface requirements. You will also find a multifunctional finishing and polishing machine.

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REX Reinigungsscheibe von G-Wendt


Numerous tools for rough cleaning work on metal surfaces.

Trennen und Schruppen mit den G-Wendt Werkzeugen

Cutting and grinding

Industrial quality cutting and grinding tools– for steel, stainless steel (INOX) and aluminium.

Produktübersicht der G-Wendt Schleifmittel

Coated abrasives

A wide range of abrasive tools suitable for daily applications. Remove material, blend weld seams, apply a matted or structured finish.

G-Wendt Schleifvlies und Schleifleinen im Überblick

Nonwoven abrasive and coated abrasive

Abrasive tools engineered for finishing applications. Clean, debur or blend a surface while not being overly aggressive. Remove imperfections or create a brushed or satin finish!

G-Wendt Pre-Polishing


An assortment of unitized and convolute products designed to remove light scratches and brighten the finish prior to polishing.

Polierwerkzeuge und Polierpasten im Überblick

Felt | Polishing

Patented polishing tools made of high-quality wool felt. Create up to a mirror finish on a wide range of different materials and surfaces.

Finishing- und Poliermaschine mit unterschiedlichen Aufsätzen


One power tool – numerous solutions. The stock tool can be used as a right angle polisher or linear finishing machine. Expand its versatility with the pipe finishing, fillet weld or belt file attachments. The FPM230 can be adapted to a multitude of metal finishing applications.

Solid carbide burrs

Popular sizes and profiles to remove material in hard-to-reach areas. Available in several precision ground cuts to efficiently grind steel/inox or non-ferrous materials.


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