Cartridge rolls for industrial applications

For grinding tasks in areas are difficult to reach.

Our cartridge rolls are available in both tapered and straight cylindrical shape and made with aluminium oxide abrasive cloth or Trizact™ material.

The difference in the materials is that aluminium oxide wears evenly for consistant stock removal. Trizact™ material is intended for exceptionally fine finishing.

Thanks to their design and the material used, these tools are particularly long-lasting and thus save retooling times.

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Machining tasks & machinable materials

Cartridge rolls enable: 

  • Easy access to corners, grooves and profiles
  • Versatile grinding work and even processing of grooves, corners, pipes and holes (cartridge rolls made of aluminium oxide)
  • Optimum finish in the smallest of corners and grooves (cartridge roles made of Trizact™)

Possible processing tasks are:

  • Grinding difficult to reach areas
  • Blending and deburring up to fine finishing

Materials that can be processed:

  • Steel
  • Stainless steel (INOX)
  • Metal alloys

These tools are designed for working with straight grinders.