Aluminium Cut

These pins offer a very open as well as coarse toothing, which ensures aggressive stock removal.

In addition, the open flutes do not become clogged on softer materials. 


ShapeDimensionsn (mm)Standard ShankPU
Ø ABØ CTypeArt. No.
Cylinder – SA9,5196SA-3MNF965 5111
Cylinder – SA12,7256SA-5MNF965 5171
Radius End Cylinder – SC9,5196SC-3MNF965 6011
Radius End Cylinder – SC12,7256SC-5MNF965 6071
Ball – SD9,586SD-3MNF965 6511
Ball – SD12,7116SD-5MNF965 6601
Radius End Tree – SF9,5196SF-3MNF965 7481
Radius End Tree – SF12,7256SF-5MNF965 7541

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