Fibre discs from rough to finish grinding

Full grit range.

Depending on the version, these tools are suitable for all grinding work in an industrial environment. Our fibre discs are suitable for all angle grinders and cordless angle grinders.

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Machining tasks & machinable materials

They enable:

  • Course roughing work through finish grinding thanks to the wide range of grains
  • A particularly even grinding pattern and contour adaptation thanks to high-quality abrasive and flexibility
  • High stock removal and fast work progress
  • Very good tool life

Possible processing tasks for fibre discs are:

  • Levelling and deburring
  • Surface grinding and gradual finish grinding
  • Edge processing
  • Weld seam processing

Materials that can be processed (depending on version):

  • Steel and casting
  • Stainless steel (INOX)
  • Nickel and alloys such as aluminium