High Strength finishing quick change discs

In this variant, a particularly durable nonwoven abrasive is used. It strengthens these tools, makes them last longer and makes the processing of corners and edges possible. 


Suitable for: Straight Grinder
Suitable for: Mini Angle Grinder

Quick change system compatible – available with both internal and external threads.

G-Wendt HS Finishing Schnellwechsel-Scheiben

Type QC

Ø (mm)SpecificationCapRPM max.PU
A-CoarseA-MediumA-Very Fine
50263 083263 084263 085R-Type12.20010
75263 086263 087263 088R-Type8.00010
50263 089263 090263 091S-Type12.00010
75263 092263 093263 094S-Type8.00010

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