Finishing and polishing set – on 3 mm shank

This set is ideal for finishing, matting, structuring or high-gloss polishing of spots that are difficult to reach. It provides an assortment of tools – plus polishing compound – which no workshop should be without.


Suitable for: Straight Grinder
G-Wendt Schleif-und Polierset 3mm
Dimensions (mm)Article No.PU
Diverse999 9461

Set contents

DescriptionDimensions (mm)GritArticle No.
Mini flap wheel – Type WM10x10x3120103 007
Mini flap wheel – Type WM20x10x380103 225
Mini flap wheel – Type WM20x10x3120103 227
Flap wheel nonwoven – Type WV20x20x3very fine107 023
Flap wheel interleaved – Type WVK20x20x3fine/150192 504
Flap wheel felt – Type FF20x10x3D2H40188 112
Flap wheel felt – Type FF20x20x3D2H40188 122
Polishing compound WENDT WHITE

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