Hand Pads – nonwoven abrasive

These practical helpers conform to the surface to provide a uniform finish. They can be used on virtually any material including steel, Inox, aluminium, plastics and wood. Hand pads can be used wet or dry.

Suitable applications:

  • Surface cleaning and preparation
  • Removal of oxidation or paint
  • General finishing
  • Light deburring


Suitable for: Hand Sanding

Consistent finishing results on numerous metal surfaces.

Schleifvlies Hand Pads in verschiedenen Ausführungen

Type VH

Dimensions (mm)Colour (Abrasive)Material DescriptionArticle No.PU
150230Green (Aluminium Silicate)GP – Green963 03010
150230Red-brown (Aluminium Oxide)A – Coarse963 03210
150230Red-brown (Aluminium Oxide)A – Medium963 03510
150230Red-brown (Aluminium Oxide)A – Fine963 03610
150230Red-brown (Aluminium Oxide)A – Very Fine963 03710
150230Black (Silicon Carbide)S – Medium963 04010
150230Black (Silicon Carbide)S – Very Fine963 04210
150230Grey (Silicon Carbide)S – Ultra Fine963 04110
150230White (Non-Abrasive)Non-abrasive963 04410

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