High Strength finishing quick change discs

Durable nylon fibres improve performance and tool life.

Mini Polypower – nonwoven

In this variant, a particularly durable nonwoven abrasive is used. It strengthens these tools, makes them last longer and makes the processing of corners and edges possible. 


Suitable for: Straight Grinder
Suitable for: Mini Angle Grinder

Quick change system compatible – available with both internal and external threads.


Type QC

Ø (mm)SpecificationCapRPM max.PU
A-CoarseA-MediumA-Very Fine
50263 083263 084263 085R-Type12.20010
75263 086263 087263 088R-Type8.00010
50263 089263 090263 091S-Type12.00010
75263 092263 093263 094S-Type8.00010

More Products

High Strength finishing discs

Especially durable nonwoven abrasive. Removes small burs and imperfections while creating a satin finish.

Hand rolls – nonwoven abrasive

Hand pad material that can be cut to length.

Hand Pads – nonwoven abrasive

For manual deburring, light cleaning and finishing of metals, composites and woodwork.

Surface Conditioning quick change – nonwoven

Consistent finishing results on numerous metal surfaces.

Cross buffs

Shape and material provide maximum flexibility. Especially suitable for finishing work at joints, within pipes or along contours.

Flap wheels – nonwoven

Outstanding for general surface finishing.

Sanding belts – SCM

Versatile and flexible helpers – for example for general surface refinement, on steel and stainless steel (INOX).

Flap roll – nonwoven

Create decorative surface finish or remove light scratches on stainless steel (INOX) or aluminium.

Mini Polypower – nonwoven

Finish grinding of small workpieces with lots of contours, as well as for spots that are difficult to reach.

Unmounted Flap wheel – nonwoven

Ideal finish on larger areas. For stationary use.

Threaded flap wheels M14 – nonwoven

For matting, satin-finishing or light cleaning and preparation.


For a satin finish on large surfaces.

Flap discs – SCM

Finishing on large surfaces, cleaning of weld seams, removal of annealing colour or structuring.

High Strength finishing quick change discs

Durable nylon fibres improve performance and tool life.