FPM230 – “The Accessories”

Useful accessories designed to fit your needs.

The range of accessories for the FPM230 finishing machine has been optimised for special requirements and provides useful options for different areas of application.

We lead the following accessoires:

  • Abrasive belt set for pipe belt grinder and belt file
  • Grinding and polishing disc set for the fillet grinder
  • Tool case for the FPM230 angle polisher
  • Work arbor 100 mm – two variants

We are of course available for all further information about the FPM230. Just contact us.

Sanding belt set – for pipe finishing and belt file attachment

An assortment of high-quality sanding belts:

  • Ceramic versions for maximum material removal
  • Surface-conditioning versions for satin-finishing and finish grinding
  • High-tech versions for structuring

No wish remains unfulfilled.


Suitable for: Angle Grinder
VariantBand widthBand lengthArticle No.PU
Sanding belt set for WENDT pipe finishing attachment PBS650 15 & 40 mm650 mm999 9621
Sanding belt set for WENDT pipe finishing attachment PBS760 15 & 40 mm760 mm999 9631
Sanding belt set for WENDT belt file attachment BFS6506 & 12 mm650 mm999 9641

Sanding and polishing disc set – for the fillet weld attachment FWG300

This set contains everything you need to achieve a perfect surface result – from removal tools to high-gloss polishing.


Suitable for: Angle Grinder
VariantSet No.PU
Schleif- & Polierscheiben Set999 9421

Included in set

DescriptionSpecificationDimensions (mm)Article No.RPM max.PU
Folded flap discAluminium Oxid, K801601025323 6325.5001
Polishing discFilz H68160625346 9595.5001
Unitized disc9A Coarse150325348 7036.0001

Tool case

Need a high quality case to protect your investment? No problem!

TypeArticle No.PU
Tool case999 9211

Holding arbor – 100 mm

Accomodates rolls and accessories with a 19 mm keyway arbor – simply spin on to the M14 thread.

TypeArticle No.PU
M14999 9291
5/8″-11999 9301

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