Flap wheel kit – felt, on 6 mm shank

The perfect mix for vehicle restoration projects.

Flap wheel kit – felt, on 6 mm shank

Discover for yourself how this comprehensive set helps to improve your polishing process. It includes sizes for detailed work as well as larger surfaces.


Suitable for: Variable Speed Straight Grinder
Set No.PU
999 9581

Set contents

DescriptionTypeArticle No.PU
Flap wheel feltFF20206D2H25187 6211
Flap wheel feltFF40306D3H25187 7411
Flap wheel feltFF40306D3H40187 7421
Flap wheel felt in brush shapeFFB40306D3H25188 6011
Cartridge roll felt, straightFR122532159 6611
Cartridge roll felt, full taperFKR132532160 8011
Cartridge roll mandrelSRD32196161 9211
Polishing compoundWENDT WHITE999 0251

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