3-step finishing set

This set is the perfect combination to transform stainless steel surfaces into a mirror finish.

3-step finishing set

Three steps to a flawless finish – from blending weld seams through the removal of scratches to surface polishing.


Suitable for: Angle Grinder
Suitable for: Angle Polisher
DimensionsSet No.PU
Ø 115 mm999 9591
Ø 125 mm999 9561

Set content

ProductPossible usesSpecificationArt. No. Ø115PUArt. No. Ø125
Hybrid disc  [Step 1] For removing welding seamsMedium/Red-brown245 1731245 183
Unitized disc [Step 2]For removing light scratches4S-Very Fine245 8191245 839
Felt flap disc  [Step 3]For surface polishingSoft D5/H25245 6111245 631
Polishing compound WENDT WhiteWHITE999 0251999 025

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