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Product Range

REX Reinigungsscheibe von G-Wendt

Rex Cleaning

REX Cleaning products have a unique open web construction which enables the material to resists loading.

Übersicht der Schleifmittel von G-Wendt


Coated abrasives are available in a number of abrasive grains as well as backing combinations, which allow them to perform differently.


Interleaf satin flap wheels last longer than nonwoven flap wheels and are used to create a lightly grained or brushed finish.

Nonwoven Satin Finishing Products

Just as Interleaf products are less aggressive than coated abrasives, nonwoven satin materials are even less aggressive.

Nonwoven Surface Conditioning Products

Compared to nonwoven satin materials, surface conditioning material is more durable, more aggressive and resists tearing on sharp edges or burs.

Vorpolieren mit G-Wendt Werkzeug


The dense concentration of abrasive grain and nylon fibers of Convolute products enable them to leave a wide range of finishes.

G-Wendt Pre-Polishing


The dense concentration of abrasive grain and nylon fibers of Unitized products enable them to leave an exceptionally fine finish on a variety of materials including stainless steel, titanium, and other exotics.

Polierwerkzeuge und Polierpasten im Überblick


WENDT revolutionized polishing by patenting a full line of Felt products which include wheels and discs.

Finishing- und Poliermaschine mit unterschiedlichen Aufsätzen


WENDT’s FPM230 has a high powered motor with a mechanical gear reduction.

G-Wendt Schleifmittel


Industrial hardware designed for long service life.

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Since the foundation of our company, we have paid attention to the highest quality in the selection of materials and the manufacture of our tools. We also represent this claim in the associated service.

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