Mini Polypower – interleaved

Stock removal and structuring in spots that are difficult to reach.

Mini Polypower – interleaved

These flexible multi-talents are suitable for a wide variety of tasks and are available with both an internal and external thread.

You will also find the matching adapters in our range.


Suitable for: Straight Grinder
Suitable for: Mini Angle Grinder

Type KK (Flat)

Ø (mm)SpecificationCapRPMPU
A80 / MediumA150 / FineA240 / Very Fineopt.max.
50245 063245 066245 068Internal Thread7.60019.10010
75245 073245 076245 278Internal Thread5.00012.70010
50245 083245 085245 087R-Type7.60019.10010
75245 093245 095245 297R-Type5.00012.70010

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