Nonwoven abrasive and coated abrasive

In this product area you will find both pure nonwoven abrasives as well as ones which combine nonwoven abrasives with coated abrasives (interleaved). Whichever you choose, our nonwoven abrasive tools will provide outstanding results – even on materials which make other tools reach their limits.

With interleaved tools, nonwoven abrasive and coated abrasives alternate. The abrasive cloth provides light material removal while the nonwoven abrasive softens the scratch pattern. The two combine to create a brushed surface appearance.

Processing tasks of the combined nonwoven abrasive tools:

  • Satin-finishing of surfaces
  • Treatment of small surface unevenness
  • Blending surface flaws
  • Structuring
  • Easy deburring and finishing in one step

Materials that can be processed:

  • Stainless steel (INOX)
  • Construction steel
  • Aluminium and other alloys

Pure nonwoven abrasives are particularly flexible, adaptable and leave a satin or matte finish. These materials work gently without being overly aggressive.

In addition, they are suitable for materials which are difficult to grind, such as plastic, glass or ceramics. They can also be used for wet and dry grinding.

Processing tasks for pure nonwoven abrasives:

  • Fine surface processing
  • Light cleaning
  • Light deburring
  • Preparing surfaces for polishing
  • Structuring
  • Surface finishing

Materials that can be processed:

  • Stainless steel (INOX)
  • NF metals
    – Aluminium
    – Copper
    – Nickel
    – Brass
    – Titanium
  • Plastic
  • Glass
  • Ceramic

General benefits of both tool groups:

  • The open structure and flexibility prevent clogging
  • High degree of flexibility ensures ideal contour adaptation
  • Cool grinding and thus low thermal load on material


  • Angle grinders
  • Mini angle grinders
  • Finishing machine
  • Straight grinders
  • Bench grinders

Nonwoven abrasive and coated abrasives

Cross buffs

Shape and material provide maximum flexibility. Especially suitable for finishing work at joints, within pipes or along contours.

Sanding belts – SCM

Versatile and flexible helpers – for example for general surface refinement, on steel and stainless steel (INOX).

Hand Pads – nonwoven abrasive

For manual deburring, light cleaning and finishing of metals, composites and woodwork.

Hand rolls – nonwoven abrasive

Hand pad material that can be cut to length.

High Strength finishing discs

Especially durable nonwoven abrasive. Removes small burs and imperfections while creating a satin finish.

Flap roll – nonwoven

Create decorative surface finish or remove light scratches on stainless steel (INOX) or aluminium.

Flap discs – SCM

Finishing on large surfaces, cleaning of weld seams, removal of annealing colour or structuring.


For a satin finish on large surfaces.

Hook & Loop discs – SCM

For universal surface preparation.

Threaded flap wheels M14 – nonwoven

For matting, satin-finishing or light cleaning and preparation.

Unmounted Flap wheel – nonwoven

Ideal finish on larger areas. For stationary use.

Mini Polypower – nonwoven

Finish grinding of small workpieces with lots of contours, as well as for spots that are difficult to reach.

High Strength finishing quick change discs

Durable nylon fibres improve performance and tool life.

Surface Conditioning quick change – nonwoven

Consistent finishing results on numerous metal surfaces.

Flap wheels – nonwoven

Outstanding for general surface finishing.

Nonwoven abrasive and coated abrasives interleaved

Cleaning discs for metal surfaces

Aggressive cleaning products for angle grinders and straight grinders.   

Cleaning wheels in industrial quality 

Shank mounted tools for preparation and cleaning of small surfaces or difficult to reach areas.   

Cleaning wheels for surface processing

Ideal for cleaning larger surfaces.