High-gloss polishing on metal surfaces

Are you looking for first-class tools for high-gloss polishing? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Our felt polishing range offers you patented polishing tools made of high-quality wool felt in a wide array of different versions. These products are designed for use with conventional polishing pastes and on a variety of materials.

This means you are just a few steps away from a perfect metal surface.

Processing tasks:

  • Polishing various materials and surface shapes to a high-gloss finish

Materials that can be processed:

  • Stainless steel (INOX)
  • Steel
  • NF metals


  • High degree of flexibility ensures ideal contour adaptation
  • Suitable for many jobs thanks to numerous versions
  • The design-related air flow ensures lower heat load on the workpiece
  • Top quality and perfect results

Application areas:

  • Medical technology
  • Food technology
  • Yacht and ship building
  • Railing construction
  • Automobile restoration and refurbishing
  • Refining high-quality surfaces

Our felt polishing tools are optimised for use on machines with variable speed regulation. For example variable speed angle and straight grinders, angle polishers or finishing machines. Best finishes are achieved when polishing at lower speeds!


Polishing rolls

High-gloss polishing of large surfaces with a portable tool.

Threaded flap wheels and polishing discs in professional quality

Highly conformable flaps for polishing parts on a stationary machine.

Polishing points

Ideal for polishing in small spaces where a felt flap wheel will not fit.

Cartridge rolls

Exceptional for use in corners and grooves – available in cylindrical and tapered shape.

Flap wheels

For polishing smaller parts, within profiles or areas that are difficult to reach.

Felt Flap discs

Versatile polishing tools with upright or layered felt flaps as well as a mini version for small areas. Also available – felt with abrasive combinations.