Heavy Duty (HD) Satin Finishing Quick Change Discs

Designed for light finishing applications where surface conditioning materials are too aggressive.  They apply a satin finish to steel, stainless, or aluminum while removing discoloration and light burrs.


FastenerDia.HD A-CoarseHD A-MediumHD A-FineHD A-Very FineMax. RPMPKG
Type R2″263 050263 051263 052263 05312.00050
Type R3″263 055263 056263 057263 0588.00025
Type S2″263 060263 061263 062263 06312.00050
Type S3″263 065263 066263 067263 0688.00025
Bold part numbers denote stock items.  All other part numbers have a minimum order requirement.  Please call for details.

Quick Change Satin Finishing Continued