FPM Products

Wendt manufactures a number of products which are designed to be operated at lower speeds. This often applies to items intended for fine finishing or polishing. The lower speeds are a function of safety ratings as well as maximizing the performance of the abrasive.

Finishing- und Poliermaschine mit unterschiedlichen Aufsätzen

In order to meet this need, Wendt offers the variable speed (900-2,500 rpm) FPM230 Finishing Polishing Machine. The standard tool can be configured for use with polishing discs as well as flap rolls for linear finishing. It can also be paired with attachments for pipe finishing or fillet weld blending.



WENDT’s FPM230 is built with precision gears and a high power motor

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Pipe finishing, belt file or fillet weld attachments – provide maximum flexibility with a single tool. With our attachment range you can turn the FPM230 into a 5-in-1 solution.

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