Coated Abrasives

Coated abrasives are available in a number of abrasive grains as well as backing combinations, which allow them to perform differently.

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Coated abrasives refers to abrasive grain that is affixed to a backing material, and generally held in place by a bonding agent (often a resin formula). The material can then be slit, cut, or arranged into a variety of shapes, such as sheets, discs, belts or wheels to suit customer needs.

Within the WENDT program, we offer a variety of:


Aluminum Oxide (A) – A tough, blocky grain that can be used on a wide range of materials including steel, stainless, aluminum and wood.

Zirconia (ZA, EZ, TZA, ZP) – More durable and aggressive than aluminum oxide, as it maintains a sharp edge. A versatile option for steel, stainless, and aluminum.

Ceramic (SX) – Ceramic abrasives have been engineered to provide extreme durability and the fastest cutting action. They are ideal for hard metals and high nickel alloys.  The ceramic grain excels in high-pressure applications as this allows the abrasive to break down and self-sharpen.  This process also reduces heat buildup and discoloration.

Silicon Carbide (S) – Silicon carbide is a brittle crystal, which fractures easily and constantly exposes sharp edges. This also enables it to resist loading or clogging on softer, or gummy materials. Silicon carbide performs well on a number of difficult materials like aluminum, brass, bronze, titanium, plastics, fiber glass, concrete and stone.


Cotton – Wears back easily and evenly, while dissipating heat from the work surface.

Polyester – Provides maximum durability and strength for demanding applications, but does not dissipate heat well, which can lead to discoloration of the surface.

Poly-cotton – Combines the strength of polyester with the cool wearing benefit of cotton for an excellent blend of both properties.

Paper – Lighter duty backing for hand sanding and fine finishing applications.


Several products are available with grinding aids which further enhance the performance of the abrasive grains.

Materials containing grinding aids should be used with light to moderate pressure to maximize their performance!

Our Ceramic (SX) and Treated Zirconia (TZA) abrasives contain a Grinding Aid which dissipates heat while increasing the cut rate on harder materials like stainless and alloys.

ZircPlus (ZP) abrasive contains a similar grinding aid which dissipates heat on harder metals, but also adds lubricity to resist loading on soft materials like aluminum.


Flap Discs

First-class stock removal. Excellent tool life. Comfortable and safe working

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Mini Flap Discs

First-class stock removal. Excellent tool life. Comfortable and safe working.

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TWINPOWER Zirconia Discs

TWINPOWER Zirconia Discs WENDT’s patented Twinpower design incorporates abrasive on […]

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PSA Discs

PSA Discs Pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) discs are ideal for […]

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Quick Change Discs

Exceptionally versatile for general grinding and blending.

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Flap Wheels – Shank Mounted

G-WENDT has a whole range available in industrial German quality – from mini flap wheels for delicate tool and mould construction to ceramic flap wheels for aggressive stock removal

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Flap Bands

An interesting alternative to flap wheels or spiral bands. Aggressive stock removal and increased service life

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Spiral Bands

Spiral Bands Made with aluminum oxide abrasive for general grinding, […]

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Square Pads and Cross Pads

Fast cleaning and finishing within cylinders and tubes.

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Flap Wheels: Unmounted & 5/8-11

Flap Wheels: Unmounted & 5/8-11 Made with premium aluminum oxide […]

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Flap Rolls

High-quality tools for the hand-held finishing of medium and large metal surfaces

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Sanding Belts

Versatile and flexible helpers – for example for general surface refinement, on steel and stainless steel (INOX).

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Aluminum Oxide Shop Rolls

Aluminum Oxide Shop Rolls A must have for every manufacturing, […]

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Sanding Sheets

Sanding Sheets Another must-have for every manufacturing, fabricating, and maintenance […]

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