Flap Bands

Flap Bands are more aggressive compared to flap wheels.  Ideal when stock removal and increased productivity is the goal.

The Flap Band is one of WENDT’s most successful and unique innovations! Inspired by the design of flap discs, but adapted to wheel form. Unlike more flexible flap wheels, the flaps are layered tightly – allowing the operator to apply more pressure and increase the rate of stock removal. Flap Bands save time and labor by quickly removing welds or material on contours, inside tubes and piping, around cavities, and inside confined spaces.

WENDT Flap Bands are exceptionally cost effective in applications that use coarse flap wheels (40-60g) to remove material.

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  • Ceramic Flap Bands

    Ceramic Flap Bands

    Ceramic Flap Bands Select ceramic abrasive with grinding aid to […]

  • Zirconia Flap Bands

    Zirconia Flap Bands

    The versatility, aggression, and durability of zirconia grain has made this product a work horse on a number of materials including steel, stainless, alloys and cast iron

  • Aluminum Oxide Flap Bands

    Aluminum Oxide Flap Bands

    Aluminum Oxide abrasive is suitable for a wide range of general purpose grinding and blending applications including steel and stainless