REX Cleaning

REX Cleaning products have a unique open web construction which enables the material to resists loading. REX tools produce less heat during operation compared to wire brushes and conventional abrasives. REX products also remove contaminants faster and safer compared to wire brushes, especially on harder alloys (i.e. on stainless steel weld lines, when removing heat discoloration).

The extruded nylon fiber forms an open web. This design prevents undercutting, making each product easy to use when working on different surfaces (i.e. removing gasket, sealing compounds, marine algae or stone-chip coatings, rust, scale, paint and weld discoloration). Comprised of high grade silicon carbide abrasive grain enables our REX products to perform on nearly any material.



REX Cleaning Discs on fiberglass backing REX cleaning material bonded […]

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REX Quick Change Discs

REX Quick Change Cleaning Discs REX cleaning material affixed to […]

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REX Unmounted Cleaning Discs Discs have a plain arbor hole […]

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REX Rolls

REX Cleaning Rolls Its unique open web construction and wide […]

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