Felt Products

WENDT revolutionized polishing by patenting a full line of Felt products which include wheels and discs.  The base material is comprised of natural wool fiber, which can absorb rouges, pastes, and polishing compounds.

Polierwerkzeuge und Polierpasten im Überblick

By arranging the felt in flaps, we developed products that:

  • Were very flexible, and could conform to shapes and profiles.
  • Create a continuous air flow and dissipate the heat that arises in polishing applications.
  • Provide more surface area for the rouges and polishes to adhere to.
  • Are able to create a better surface finish, in less time.


Felt Flap Discs

Felt flaps are affixed to a fiberglass backing plate for support easy mounting on lower speed sanding and polishing tools

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Mini Felt Flap Discs

Felt material on small diameter nylon backing for polishing with small right angle or straight grinders

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Mini Felt Flap Wheels

Small diameter wheels on 1/8” shank are ideal for detailed polishing, including mold and die repair, as well as narrow fittings and tubes

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Felt Flap Wheels – Shank Mounted

Radial flaps are flexible, and follow the surface contour as they polish. Their size allows them to be used for both ID and OD applications.

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Felt Cartridge Rolls

Exceptional for use in corners and grooves – available in cylindrical and tapered shape.

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Felt Flap Wheels – Unmounted

Highly conformable flaps for polishing parts on a stationary machine.

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Felt Flap Rolls

Comprised of natural wool fiber, which can absorb the rouges and polishing compounds, these wheels are highly conformable.

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