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Interleaf satin flap wheels last longer than nonwoven flap wheels and are used to create a lightly grained or brushed finish.  They also apply a better finish compared to a coated flap wheel.  Coated wheels are more aggressive and leave a deeper scratch pattern. This scratch pattern is softened by the cushioning power of the nonwoven flaps. Lastly, Interleaf wheels create a lightly-grained or brushed surface finish. This is much different than the satin finish left behind by a nonwoven flap wheel.

Interleaf Satin Products

Interleaf Flap Wheels – Shank Mounted

Interleaf Flap Wheels – Shank Mounted Offered in various combinations […]

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Unmounted Interleaf Flap Wheels

Unmounted Interleaf Flap Wheels Designed to fit common bench grinders […]

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Interleaf Flap Rolls

Flap rolls allow operators to create or repair grained surfaces on large panels, tanks, architectural pieces and hand rails

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Interleaf Satin products will provide longer product life compared to a nonwoven flap wheel. They will apply a better finish than a coated flap wheel as the nonwoven flaps provide a cushioning effect. They also create a lightly-grained or brushed surface finish compared to the satin finish left by a nonwoven flap wheel.  They are also less aggressive than a coated flap wheel, which leaves a deeper scratch pattern.