Hybrid Flap Discs

Our unique Hybrid flap disc enables the most novice operator to blend agressive stainless steel weld seams flawlesslly. Hybrid discs pack a one-two punch that simplifies metal finishing. The coated abrasive removes material and light welds, while the surface conditioning flap follows it up and softens the scratch pattern. The resulting finish is better than what you would achieve with a traditional flap disc.


G-Wendt Fächerscheiben Hybrid

Type 29

DiaArborA-CoarseA-MediumA-Very Fineopt. RPMmax. RPMPKG
4-1/2″7/8″245 172245 173245 1756,00013,3005
4-1/2″5/8-11245 176245 178245 1796,00013,3005
5″7/8″245 181245 183245 1826,50012,2005
5″5/8-11245 186245 188245 1896,50012,2005
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