Felt Flap Wheels – Unmounted

Comprised of natural wool fiber, which can absorb the rouges and polishing compounds, these wheels are highly conformable.  Ideal for polishing a variety of parts on a stationary machine.

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  • Unmounted Felt Flap Wheel Brushes

    Unmounted Felt Flap Wheel Brushes

    Our standard felt wheel, but with the flaps slit lengthwise into a ‘mop’ style

  • Unmounted Felt Flap Wheels

    Unmounted Felt Flap Wheels

    Designed for use on bench grinders and polishing tools, where the operator can work the part against the wheel

  • Nested Bushings

    Nested Bushings

    1” wide telecopic bushings to reduce the felt flap wheel arbors from 1” to other common arbors