Surface Conditioning Flap Discs on fiberglass backing

Durable surface conditioning material layered on a fiberglass backing plate. The layered construction provides a cushioning effect for finishing applications. SCM flap discs can be used to clean or prepare a surface, as well as deburring and blending deep scratches. Premium grade material resists smearing at higher speeds. Also available on request in Type 29 (conical) shape.



Type 27 (Flat)

Dia.ArborCoarse/BrownMedium/MaroonVery Fine/BlueOpt. RPMMax. RPMPKG
4-1/2″7/8″245 431245 432245 4346.60013.3005
4-1/2″5/8-11245 441245 442245 4446.60013.3005
5″7/8″245 451245 452245 4545.00012.2005
7″7/8″245 471245 472245 4744.0008.6005
Bold part numbers denote stock items.  All other part numbers have a minimum order requirement.  Please call for details.