The FPM230 is a 5-in-1 solution, making this tool a multifunctional must-have for finishing applications.

  • Pipe Belt Sander, a vital attachment when grinding, finishing, and polishing tubes up to 6“ in diameter.
  • Fillet Weld Grinder, designed to grind and finish fillet welds, interior angles, and other hard-to-reach areas.
  • Keyway adapters are used in conjunction with our Flap Rolls to finish large surface areas.  Great for cleaning, graining, satin finishing, and mirror polishing.
  • Pipe Finishing Drum, used in combination with the keyway adapter to drive the Tabbed Surface Conditioning belts.
  • With no attachments, the FPM230 is ideal for polishing applications using our felt flap disc.


Fillet Weld Grinder Attachment

Fillet Weld Grinder Attachment The Fillet Weld Grinder (FWG) attaches […]

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Pipe Belt Sander (PBS) Attachments

Pipe Belt Sander (PBS) Attachments Available in two sizes, the […]

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FPM230 Adaptor and Drum

FPM230 Adaptor and Drum The universal keyway adapter is used […]

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