Aluminum Oxide Threaded Flap Wheels

The cotton backed material is more flexible, and can be used on a variety of materials including steel, stainless, aluminum, wood and plastics. Can be used for general cleaning, weld preparation, paint and contamination removal from steel or stainless. Threaded flap wheels are speed rated for safe use on Right Angle Grinders.


Dia.WidthArborA40A60A80A120Max. RPMPKG
4-1/2″3/4″5/8-11325 350325 351325 352325 35313.3005
5″3/4″5/8-11325 370325 371325 372325 37312.2005
Bold part numbers denote stock items.  All other part numbers have a minimum order requirement.  Please call for details.

Threaded Flap Wheels Continued