Compounds and Polishes

Utilizing various compounds allows an operator to can change the degree of finish they can achieve.  WENDT offers several compound specifications. Each is packaged in easy-to-apply 1” x 5” sticks.

EmeryGray999 004For coarse buffing and removing light scratched.
Also removes light rust or corrosion from iron, steel and other metals.
TripoliTan999 000Removes light scratches from metal and plastic. Also works well on brass & aluminium.
Mild cutting with good coloring.
StainlessGray999 005Provides fast cutting action and good coloring. Creates gloss finish on a wide
range of materials including steel, stainless, chrome, nickel and plastics.
White RougeWhite999 001Creates a high gloss finish on non-ferrous materials like aluminium and stainless steel.1
Jeweler’s RougeRed999 002Finest abrasive. A premium composition for the finest finish on gold, silver and other precious metals.1
Bold part numbers denote stock items.  All other part numbers have a minimum order requirement.  Please call for details.