Heavy Duty Satin Cross Buffs

Star shaped discs of heavy duty (HD) satin material, offset and secured together by a threaded eyelet. The result is a very flexible product, whose ‘fingers’ can follow contours and irregular surfaces. Cross buffs form a nearly 3-dimensional ballshape which work well on ID finishing applications like tubing and ports. Corresponding shanks available in multiple lengths for extended reach.


Dia.WidthEyeletPlysMediumFineMax. RPMPU
1″1/4″8-322900 730900 73120.00050
1-1/2″3/8″8-322900 732900 73320.00050
1-1/2″1/2″8-322900 734900 73520.00050
2″3/8″8-322900 736900 73712.00050
2″1/2″8-322900 738900 73912.00050
Bold part numbers denote stock items.  All other part numbers have a minimum order requirement.  Please call for details.