Nonwoven & Interleaf Satin Products

Interleaf abrasives combine the strength and aggressiveness of coated abrasives, with the light finishing and surface preparation of nonwoven abrasives. Nonwoven satin materials by themselves are not aggressive, and they are frequently used to create a satin surface finish.

Interleaf Satin Products

Interleaf Flap Wheels – Shank Mounted

Interleaf Flap Wheels – Shank Mounted Offered in various combinations […]

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Unmounted Interleaf Flap Wheels

Unmounted Interleaf Flap Wheels Designed to fit common bench grinders […]

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Interleaf Flap Rolls

Flap rolls allow operators to create or repair grained surfaces on large panels, tanks, architectural pieces and hand rails

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Interleaf Satin products will provide longer product life compared to a nonwoven flap wheel. They will apply a better finish than a coated flap wheel as the nonwoven flaps provide a cushioning effect. They also create a lightly-grained or brushed surface finish compared to the satin finish left by a nonwoven flap wheel.  They are also less aggressive than a coated flap wheel, which leaves a deeper scratch pattern.

Nonwoven Satin Products

Quick Change Satin Finishing Discs

An interesting alternative to flap wheels or spiral bands. Aggressive stock removal and increased service life.

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Nonwoven Flap Wheels – Shank Mounted

Nonwoven Flap Wheels – Shank Mounted Pipe finishing, belt file […]

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Multiple layers of die cut satin finishing material on a fixed shank

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Star shaped discs of HD satin material, offset and secured together by a threaded eyelet

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Satin Finishing Discs

Satin Finishing Discs Heavy Duty & High Strength –  Heavy […]

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Nonwoven Flap Wheels – Unmounted

Produced with flaps of nonwoven clean and finish material for light finishing on a wide range of materials including steel, stainless, aluminum, plastics and wood

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Nonwoven Flap Rolls

Designed for use on low speed finishing tools

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Nonwovens can be used in a broad range of applications

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Nonwoven satin products differ from traditional coated abrasives in that the abrasive material is not limited to the surface. Satin products are comprised of a 3-dimension matrix with the abrasive grain dispersed throughout the nylon web. Satin products are available in a variety of forms, strengths, and densities to fulfill a wide range of finishing applications. Generally speaking, they are less aggressive than other abrasives. The nylon material is compressible and conforms to the surface of the material as it finishes. Nonwoven satin products are often used when the operator does not want to remove material from the workpiece or change its geometry.  Rather the operator seeks to clean, condition, or improve the surface finish.