Powermax HDC

Deeper cut pattern provides more aggressive cutting performance on cast iron, steel and stainless steel (INOX).

Powermax HDC

Very popular in foundries, shipyards and wherever faster stock removal is required.

Rapid results on stainless steel (INOX), steel and cast iron.


Suitable for: Straight Grinder
ShapeDimensions (mm)Standard ShankPU
Ø ABØ CTypeArt. No.
Cylinder – SA9,5196SA-3MHDC965 5101
Cylinder – SA12,7256SA-5MHDC965 5161
End Cut Cylinder – SB9,5196SB-3MHDC965 5601
Radius End Cylinder – SC9,5196SC-3MHDC965 6001
Radius End Cylinder – SC12,7256SC-5MHDC965 6061
Ball – SD9,586SD-3MHDC965 6501
Ball – SD12,7116SD-5MHDC965 6591
Oval – SE9,5166SE-3MHDC965 6971
Oval – SE12,7226SE-5MHDC965 7031
Radius End Tree – SF9,5196SF-3MHDC965 7471
Radius End Tree – SF12,7256SF-5MHDC965 7531
Pointed Tree – SG9,5196SG-3MHDC965 7871
Pointed Tree – SG12,7256SG-5MHDC965 7931
Radius End Taper – SL9,5276SL-3MHDC965 8701
Radius End Taper – SL12,7286SL-4MHDC965 8761
Cone – SM12,7226SM-5MHDC965 9101

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