Unitized – nonwoven abrasive in industrial quality

Ideal for the preparation of surfaces prior to polishing as well as for general finishing work.

Our Unitized line is made of high-quality, densely compressed nonwoven abrasive and contains a high concentration of evenly distributed abrasive grain. Ideal for the preparation of surfaces for polishing as well as for general finishing work.

The range covers finishing discs, quick change discs as well as unitized finishing wheels.

The tools enable:

  • Comfortable work and long service life
  • Attractive finish on numerous metals
  • Optimum preparation for polishing

Possible processing tasks:

  • Surface preparation
  • Deburring and blending
  • Cleaning and levelling

Materials that can be processed:

  • Steel and stainless steel (INOX)
  • Titanium
  • NF metals such as aluminium and copper

Depending on the version, unitized tools are optimised for use on angle grinders, mini angle grinders and straight grinders.

Unitized finishing discs – on glass fibre backing

The combination of nonwoven abrasive and glass fibre backing ensures enhanced strength and allows use on angle grinders. The different variants in our range cover a wide spectrum of applications – from the removal of slight scratches, breaking of edges, surface standardisation and the excellent finishing of larger areas.  


Suitable for: Angle Grinder


Type U G27 (Flat)

Dimensions (mm)4-Medium6-HardRPMPU
Ø AØ BA-CoarseS-MediumS-Very FineS-Very Fineopt.max.
11522,23245 814245 817245 819245 8717.85011.0002
12522,23245 834245 837245 839245 8737.0009.8002


Type U G29 (Conical)

Dimensions (mm)4-MediumRPMPU
Ø AØ BA-CoarseS-MediumS-Very Fineopt.max.
11522,23245 914245 917245 9197.85011.0002
12522,23245 934245 937245 9397.0009.8002

Unitized quick change discs

The dense concentration of abrasive provides an unusually fine finish on stainless steel (INOX) as well as on titanium and other exotic materials. Especially suited for close tolerances and precise results.

Key users are the aviation and aerospace industry as well as orthopaedics and medical technology.


Suitable for: Straight Grinder
Suitable for: Mini Angle Grinder

Type QC

Ø (mm)Softer –> FirmerCapRPMPU
2S Fine EX2S Med EX6S Fine EX6S Med EX8A Coarse EX8A Med EXmax.
50347 474347 470347 475347 471347 472347 473R-Type22.00010
75347 484347 480347 481347 482347 483R-Type15.00010

Unitized pre-polishing quick change discs

This green “pre-polishing” grade removes very little material and is outstanding for the removal of slight scratches or surface flaws. It can be used as the last step before polishing and leaves a high-gloss finish – on stainless steel (INOX), brass and bronze.


Suitable for: Straight Grinder
Suitable for: Mini Angle Grinder

Type QC

Ø (mm)Article No.CapRPMPU
50347 479R-Type22.00010
75347 489R-Type15.00010

Unitized finishing wheels

Wheels 25-75 mm in diameter are ideal for deburring and for fine surface processing in difficult to reach areas and on smaller workpieces. They are used on straight grinders. 


Suitable for: Straight Grinder

Type US

Dimensions (mm)4RPMPU
Ø ABØ CS-MediumS-Very Fineopt.max.
40126106 805106 8077.5009.00010
50126106 825106 8276.0008.00010
75126106 845106 8474.0006.00010

Unitized finishing discs

Also available in 150 mm diameter for processing fillet welds, within recesses, or narrow work areas. These tools achieve an even finish on a multitude of materials including stainless steel (INOX), titanium, chrome and aluminium.

Suitable for use on fillet weld grinders or bench grinders.


Suitable for: Bench Grinder

These tools can be profiled very well and hold this profile until the end of the tool life.


Type UK

Dimensions (mm)789RPMPU
Ø ABØ CS-FineS-MediumA-Coarsemax.
150325348 7036.0005
150625348715348714348 7136.0005

More Products

Finishing rolls

Ideal for light finishing on large surfaces or preparing them for polishing.

Convolute wheels for demanding surface processing

These tools are suitable for surface graining, deburring, blending and repairing.