Threaded flap wheels and polishing discs in professional quality

Highly conformable flaps for polishing parts on a stationary machine.

These felt tools are particularly suitable for bench grinders. However, we also offer a version for hand-guided machine use.

A brush design is available in addition to the classic flap design.

These tools:

  • Are suitable for the surface processing of complex components
  • Are made of flexible felt flaps
  • Ensure lower heat load on the workpiece
  • Have proven to be particularly constant

Materials that can be processed:

  • Steel and stainless steel (INOX)
  • NF metals such as copper, aluminium and zinc

Threaded flap wheels M14 – felt

The flexible flaps adapt to contours and permit a cooler air flow. This version is suitable for use on variable-speed and hand-guided machines such as angle polishers.


Suitable for: Straight Grinder

Type FLS M14

Dimensions (mm)FlexibilityRPMPU
Ø ABØ CSoft D5/H25Medium D5/H40opt.max.
11520M14346 040346 0411.6508.5002
12520M14346 042346 0431.5207.7002

Unmounted flap wheels – felt, brush design

These are larger dimensions that are suitable for bench grinders. 

With this variant, the flaps are slit lengthwise creating a mop effect. This enhances flexibility and allows the processing of surfaces contours and profiles.


Suitable for: Bench Grinder

Type FLB

Dimensions (mm)FlexibilityRPMPU
Ø ABØ CSoft D5/H25Medium D5/H40opt.max.
1505025346 611346 6121.2503.2001
1507525346 631346 6321.2503.2001
2005025346 861346 8629502.4001
2007525346 881346 8829502.4001
20010025346 901346 9029502.4001
20015025346 921346 9229502.4001

Unmounted flap wheel – felt

Classic design for the high-gloss polishing of large surfaces. These tools adapt to contoured surfaces and have been designed for stationary use.


Suitable for: Bench Grinder

Type FLS

Dimensions (mm)FlexibilityRPMPU
Ø ABØ CSoft D5/H25Medium D5/H40opt.max.
1002525346 461346 4621.9003.7001
1003025346 021346 0221.9003.7001
1502525346 051346 0521.2503.2001
1505025346 111346 1121.2503.2001
1507525346 131346 1321.2503.2001
2002525346 301346 3029502.4001
2005025346 361346 3629502.4001
2007525346 381346 3829502.4001
20010025346 401346 4029502.4001
20015025346 421346 4229502.4001

Polishing discs – felt

This polishing disc is particularly suitable for high-gloss polishing on straight surfaces and has been designed for stationary use. It provides constant performance and uniform results.


Suitable for: Bench Grinder

Type FPS

Dimensions (mm)SpecificationsRPMPU
Ø ABØ CH60H68opt.max.
1502510346 969 1.3003.8001
160625346 9591.1003.5001
2002510346 9891.0003.0001

More Products

Flap wheels

For polishing smaller parts, within profiles or areas that are difficult to reach.

Cartridge rolls

Exceptional for use in corners and grooves – available in cylindrical and tapered shape.

Polishing points

Ideal for polishing in small spaces where a felt flap wheel will not fit.

Polishing rolls

High-gloss polishing of large surfaces with a portable tool.

Felt Flap discs

Versatile polishing tools with upright or layered felt flaps as well as a mini version for small areas. Also available – felt with abrasive combinations.