Polishing rolls

High-gloss polishing of large surfaces with a portable tool.

Our felt polishing rolls ensure perfect results up to mirror finish and are ideal for the processing of large surfaces on numerous metals.

We offer different versions in soft and medium, in classic flap or brush design. Choose between slotted arbor or M14 thread, in numerous dimensions and variations.

Polishing rolls combine many benefits:

  • Processing of large surfaces
  • Streak-free work
  • Processing of contoured components
  • Top felt quality for long service life

Materials that can be processed:

  • Steel and stainless steel (INOX)
  • NF metals

Felt polishing rolls are designed for portable finishing machines and are ideal for our angle polisher FPM230.

Flap roll – felt

Ideal for the polishing of large surfaces on variable-speed machines – for example our FPM230 – the finishing machine for numerous areas of applications.


Suitable for: Finishing Machine

Type FW

Dimensions (mm)FlexibilityExtra FlexibilityRPMPU
Ø ABØ CSoft D5/H25Medium D5/H40Soft D3/H25opt.max.
1005019323 801323 802323 8061.9003.7002
10010019323 821323 822323 8261.9003.7001
100100M14323 881323 882323 8851.9003.7001
11010019323 930323 931323 9321.9003.7001

Flap roll – felt, brush design

The slit felt flaps on this tool ensure increased flexibility and enable the surface processing of irregular shapes.

Enables perfect contour adaptation.


Suitable for: Finishing Machine

Type FWG

Dimensions (mm)FlexibilityExtra FlexibilityRPMPU
Ø ABØ CSoft D5/H25Medium D5/H40Soft D3/H25opt.max.
1005019323 841323 842323 8461.9003.7002
10010019323 861323 862323 8661.9003.7001
11010019323 920323 921323 9221.9003.7001

More Products

Threaded flap wheels and polishing discs in professional quality

Highly conformable flaps for polishing parts on a stationary machine.

Polishing points

Ideal for polishing in small spaces where a felt flap wheel will not fit.

Cartridge rolls

Exceptional for use in corners and grooves – available in cylindrical and tapered shape.

Flap wheels

For polishing smaller parts, within profiles or areas that are difficult to reach.

Felt Flap discs

Versatile polishing tools with upright or layered felt flaps as well as a mini version for small areas. Also available – felt with abrasive combinations.