FPM230 – „The machine“

Outstanding from grinding to finishing.

Variable application possibilities, powerful, speed-stable, ergonomic and durable. This is what characterizes our FPM230 – a satin finishing machine that can also be used as an angle polisher.

Basic package

Our finishing machine – which can also be used as an angle polisher – is outstanding for blending, satin-finishing or high-gloss polishing.

Accordingly, you can use this tool with discs and rolls! It can be used on pipes, for example, but also on flat or irregularly shaped workpieces.

The basic package includes a swivel-mounted handle as well as a protective bracket and case.

Guaranteed quality – made in Germany


  • High-performance
    • The high-performance motor guarantees considerable tool life, at low machine temperature – even under maximum load
  • Speed stability
    • The two-level gear reduction ensures that the speed is kept constant even under heavy contact pressure
  • Ergonomics and durability
    • Safe and comfortable handling
    • The compilation of best components also guarantees an impressive service life
  • Variable application possibilities
    • The comprehensive FPM230 range makes it possible to use this machine as a real multi-function tool

Type FMP230

The MachineArticle No.Standard AccessoriesPU
FPM230 – Finishing- & Polishing Machine, 230 V, 50 Hz, M14999 923Includes swivel-mounted holder, case and protective bracket1
FPM230 – Finishing-& Polishing Machine, 120 V, 60 Hz, 5/8″-11999 924 Includes swivel-mounted holder, case and protective bracket1

Operator version

Alongside the basic package of the FPM230, we offer a particularly comprehensive range of grinding and polishing tools and accessories. This allows you to get maximum versatility out of your purchase.

You can get started immediately and process metal surfaces up to a mirror finish.

SpecificationArticle No.PU
FPM230 – 2 in 1 Solution as a set – 230 V, 50 Hz, M14 999 9251
FPM230 – 2 in 1 Solution as a set – 120 V, 60 Hz, 5/8″-11 999 9261

Set contents

ComponentsArticle No. M14PUArticle No. 5/8″-11
Tool case1
Flap roll, Type LW, 110 x 100 mm, Grit 80323 2241323 104
Flap roll Interleaved, Type KW, 110 x 100 mm, fine / 150323 5151323 455
Flap roll Nonwoven, Type VW, 110 x 100 mm, very fine323 7181323 753
Felt brush roll, Type FWG, 110 x 100 mm, D5H25323 8701323 871
Felt flap disc, Type FG27, 125 mm, D5H25249 9211245 641
Felt flap disc, Type FG27, 125 mm, D5H40249 9221245 642
Polishing compound WENDT RED999 0241999 024
Polishing compound WENDT WHITE999 0251999 025

More Products

FPM230 – „The Attachments“

Pipe finishing, belt file or fillet weld attachments – provide maximum flexibility with a single tool. With our attachment range you can turn the FPM230 into a 5-in-1 solution.

FPM230 – “The Accessories”

Useful accessories designed to fit your needs.