TWINPOWER – the innovative all-rounder

Precise application of chamfers, grinding on both sides, deburring, weld seam removal, and working within tight grooves – all with one tool!

Put simply, the patented TWINPOWER tool is a grinding disc that can be used on both sides. But that’s not all – this tool is also equipped with three viewing and cooling windows which provide a view of the workpiece as the disc spins.

In addition, the TWINPOWER impresses through:

  • It’s extremely thin yet firm design
  • Durability and maximum efficiency
  • Long service life
  • M14 thread for direct attachment to the angle grinder, in combination with the respective adapter
  • Maximum control and outstanding comfort during work

Possible processing tasks:

  • Precise application of chamfers
  • Grinding on both sides for operator ease
  • Deburring
  • Removal of weld seams
  • Working in tight grooves

Materials that can be processed:

  • Steel
  • Stainless steel (INOX)
  • NF metals

TWINPOWER – ceramic

Self-sharpening ceramic grain ensures aggressive stock removal and continuous maximum performance.


Suitable for: Angle Grinder

Type TPL (with openings)

Dimensions (mm)CeramicRPM max.PU
Ø AØ BK40K60K80
125M14260 221260 223260 22412.25010

TWINPOWER – zirconia

This version is particularly suitable for rough grinding work and ensures high stock removal and tool life.


Suitable for: Angle Grinder

Type TPL (with openings)

Dimensions (mm)ZirconiaRPM max.PU
Ø AØ BZ40Z60Z80
115M14260 121260 123260 12413.30010
125M14260 131260 133260 13412.25010

Type TP (without openings)

Dimensions (mm)ZirconiaRPM max.PU
Ø AØ BZ40Z60Z80
115M14260 091260 093260 09413.30010
125M14260 101260 103260 10412.25010

TWINPOWER promo box – zirconia

The ideal package to get to know TWINPOWER. Different grains and a test adapter set are waiting for you. 


Suitable for: Angle Grinder
Dimensions (mm)Set No.
115M14999 951
125M14999 952

The following discs are included in the set:

PUArticle No.Zirconia
1260 13140
2260 13360
2260 13480
PUArticle No.Zirconia
1260 12140
2260 12360
2260 12480

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