Folded flap discs for narrow channels and sides

A unique design which can be used on side surfaces, depressions as well as transitions.

Our folded flap discs are made of flexible V-shaped flaps. They work well on different grinding machines and enable: 

  • Seamless grinding of transitions at adjacent areas
  • Fine processing of narrow channels and recesses

Possible processing tasks for folded flap discs are:

  • Grinding of joints and flutes
  • Grinding of angles
  • Grinding of grooves and fillet welds

Materials that can be processed:

  • Steel
  • Stainless steel (INOX)
  • Copper
  • Alloys such as aluminium and copper

In addition, we recommend:

  • Zirconia for aggressive stock removal
  • Aluminium oxide for a balanced ratio between stock removal and tool life

Depending on the version, these tools are suitable for use on angle grinders, fillet weld attachments as well as on stationary and hand-guided grinding machines.

Folding discs M14 – zirconia corundum


Suitable for: Angle Grinder


Type FS M14

Dimensions (mm)ZirconiaRPM max.PU
Ø AØ BR40R60R80
115M14245 785245 786245 78713.30010
125M14245 790245 791245 79212.25010

Folding discs M14 – aluminium oxide


Suitable for: Angle Grinder


Type FS M14

Dimensions (mm)Aluminium OxideRPMPU
Ø AØ BA40A60A80A120A180
115M14245 746245 747245 74813.30010
125M14245 750245 751245 752245 753245 75512.25010

Folding discs – aluminium oxide


Suitable for: Bench Grinder


Type FS

Dimensions (mm)Aluminium OxideRPM max.PU
Ø AØ BA80A120A180
16010323 602323 604323 6065.5001
16014323 612323 614323 6165.5001
16025323 632323 634323 6365.5001
20014323 642323 644323 6464.5001
40045323 682323 684323 6862.2001

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