Cleaning discs for metal surfaces

Aggressive cleaning products for angle grinders and straight grinders.   

These tools are suitable for light to aggressive cleaning work.

Effortless removal of scale, corrosion, annealing colours, adhesive or varnish – from almost all materials.  

REX discs clean a surface exceptionally fast. Even difficult to remove coatings!

They are used on the angle grinder or straight grinder and are available in common diameters from 100 to 200 mm.  

REX FLEX cleaning discs

Cleaning material on glass fibre disc, for coarse cleaning on numerous materials.  

Quick and safe removal of paint, rust, tarnish, adhesive residues or scale.


Suitable for: Angle Grinder

The open structure significantly reduces clogging. Increased flexibility ensures superior working comfort. Very good stock removal and durability.


Type RF G27 (Flat)

Dimensions (mm)S-CoarseRPMPU
Ø AØ Bopt.max.
10016245 4007.00012.8005
11522,23245 4016.00011.0005
12522,23245 4035.6009.8005
17822,23245 4043.9006.8005

REX cleaning discs

This product is especially suitable for the straight grinder and removes rust, scale or varnish in linear fashion.


Suitable for: Straight Grinder

A holder shaft is required for mounting on the machine.


Type RD

Dimensions (mm)S-CoarseRPMPU
Ø AØ Bopt.max.
10012326 9063.0006.00010
15013326 9082.0004.00010
20012326 9101.5003.00010

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